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How has your life changed because of what happened on September 11, 2001?

September 11, 2001

We were stationed at Ft Hood at the time. It was a Tuesday, I had gotten my two boys up and out to the bus for school, turned on the morning show to watch for a few minutes like I always did and then got my daughter up to get her ready to go to school as well. We lived just 2 blocks so she and I usually walked unless it raining outside. I walked her to school and came home and when I walked in the door I saw the towers on the news with black smoke billowing out of it. As I stood in front of the tv, transfixed as everyone was, I watched as the 2nd place hit. I broke down in tears. We immediately got word that they were closing off the post. The largest Army post in the free world just became a fortress. Nobody in or out. All soldiers were called in to their units all families asked to remain in their homes, everything came to a stand still.

My phone was ringing off the hook, family, friends, other army wives, kids friends all wanting to comfort the other, All knowing this single event had changed our lives as we knew it.

The world and I sat glued to the TV, flipping stations in hope of getting more news. As they morning went on, it became so much worse, more planes, more death, more innocence gone.

Later that after noon, I went to pick up my daughter from school. It was as if everyone there had lost someone dear to them, everyone grabbed their kids and hugged them tight, kissing them and then taking them home. It was so quiet.. no parents chatting, no talk at all.. just an eerie quiet.

Later that afternoon, I realized the time had come and gone for my boys to be home from school but they were not home yet... I checked outside thinking they had stopped to play with some friends but did not see them or any kids at all. Another few minutes went by, I tried to call the school but all the circuits were busy. I tried over and over to find out where my kids were but could not get through to anyone. I was terrified! 3 terror filled hours go by and my oldest son calls me, they were at a friends house in Copperas Cove. You see, their school was off post and being they had shut the post down, they were not allowing ANYONE in or out, including school busses. I spoke to their friends mom and she assured me they were ok and she would do all she could to get them home if not, they could stay there for the night. Later that night, they finally did make it home

Hours of being glued to the TV, turned to days, watching that “pile” and hoping at some point people would be found alive.... It was not to be.

We must forever remember the events of that day. We must never forget the true bravery of those who did all they could to save and protect life. We must never forget the nearly 3000 lives that were stolen from their families and friends. We must never forget the brave passengers of Flight 93 who in the face of certain death, took a vote and did all they could do to prevent more innocent lives being lost. We must never forget the countless first responders that ran up those stairs at the WTC while thousands of others were running down. And we must NEVER forget our military service members who have fought, bled and died fighting evil. WE WILL NOT FORGET, AND WE WILL NOT FORGIVE!

Every generation has that one moment in time that changes everything. For my parents generation it was the Nov 22,1963 the assassination of JFK, for my grandparents it was Dec 7, 1941, the bombing of Pearl Harbor. For my generation, it is September 11,2001. Which leads me to wonder, what and when will be that defining day be for my children, for my grandchildren?

How will you remember the 10th anniversary of the September 11 attacks?

In silent thought and expressing my patriotism.



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